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How many of you Stay at home mom's have daily class time with your Kids ..?

or what are your thoughts on pre homeschooling kids before preschool age

in our home for one hour a day in the morning we have class .. Now i have a 1yr old and 2yr old but we work on puzzles , matching , colors and Abc's so more Sight , sound and hands on things ... we also have a hr everyday we do a craft or bake together ..... ​

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    I Did The Home Base With My Son When He Was Three He Liked It She Would Put Things That Started With That Letter Of The Day In A Bag And Let Him Pull Everything Out One By One And Had His Say What Letter It Started With What Color It Was What The Item Was And Then Had Him Stamp The Letter Of The Day On To Any Color Of Paper He Wanted And Then He Would Have To Go Through And Circle The Lower Case Letters And Put A Square Around The Upper Case Letters. Just Little Simple Games You Can Think Of Will Help You And Them With It. I Make My Little Boy Sound The Letters Of Words Out EXAMPLE: BALL B-A-L-L And He Reads It Him
    self Afterwards :-) Hope This Helps You Hun! :-)
      8Theresa Gould
      Well it's pretty obvious that I am all for pre homeschooling kids :) I think kids love the time spent with you, plus they are learning and playing. Nothing wrong with that.
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