Sprite to keep a Christmas tree fresh???

Well now that I have a real tree it does not seem to be drying out but I would love to keep it that way,. A friend of my husband said to mix sprite and water and it will keep the tree fresh longer and then I had the lady where I got the tree from say that if we put a baby aspirin in the water it will keep fresh longer.

Among other things lol. What has worked for you?

    8Theresa Gould
    We just use water too.
    We do not have a live tree but I looked this up for you. The agricultural division of the University of Michigan says to use only fresh water. Here is the article:


    i am an advocate for educational based research but ... Bob Villa (anyone remember him...LOL!) says to mix in floral preservatives...


    Hope your tree stays green!
      A while ago the show Mythbusters debunked the myth of putting anything in the water... it seemed to have no effect... I vote for just plain water!
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