i recently joined and this page - being a first time mom I have a lot of questions and hope to find answers thru Moms expertise.

​my first questions is about cinammon tea...is it bad to drink while pregnant? i am 30 weeks pregnant and just drank one cup this morning....i've read that it causes contractions so im freaking out :(

    Hi Cacilia, nice to meet you here!! You are welcome to find here the answers for questions what you have in your pocket - there are alot of experienced moms who would like to help!
    And I just want to say hi to you)
      Hi cecilia nice to meet you! I dont know sorry! But i am here for you if you have questions i will try to answer them. I am trying for a baby so i have no expierence. But welcome!
        8Theresa Gould
        Welcome Cecilia!

        I've never heard anything about cinnamon tea being bad to drink during pregnancy, but if it is, it must be in large doses and surely not just a cup of tea. I have however heard too much cinnamon or peppermint can hinder a nursing mother's milk supply. I'd check with your doctor if you are really worried.
          Thank you ladies for your feedback :) and nice meeting all of you! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I'll ask and post it. Have a lovely night and stay warm :)
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