Tips on raising boys

I have four boys and they are very active. Here are my tips, at least for boys up to age 11-12, as that is my oldest's age:

Teach them manners. Please, thank you, excuse me etc. at a young age.

Be affectionate with them and usually they will return it. We don't teach our boys it's wimpy or being a sissy to show affection or emotion.

Give them lots to do. Boredom can cause boys to get into mischief. Mine tease their siblings, take things apart, make a mess in general....not how we want them spending their time.

Let them be creative. Ours make forts, create things out of wood - our 11 year old made a raised garden bed for him and his sisters this summer...all on his own!

Find out what they like and give them plenty of access to doing it.

Lots of physical activity.

Teach them to treat their siblings with respect and we teach our boys to treat their sisters as they would treat me. If they wouldn't do or say something to me they shouldn't be saying it or doing it to their sisters. We believe this is important and sets the stage for how they may treat women in the future.

Teach them responsibility. If you do not want your son sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games all the time at 30, then limit his use of them now and teach him to do household chores - take out the trash, gather up the trash, clean up the yard, pick up his room, make his bed, clean the bathroom, clean up his toys after he's done playing, teach him how to cook and do laundry etc.

Let him try his hand at an entrepreneurial venture. Lemonade stand, selling baked goods, whatever tickles his fancy and could be a legitimate business for him. Most towns and cities do not have any ordinances for a child's lemonade stand. At least the last two towns we've lived in have not.

Give them age appropriate consequences for bad choices and behavior.

Anything else you can add?​

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