Why toddlers scream

​Toddlers scream for a variety of reasons. Here are my thoughts as to why my toddlers have screamed:

1. Their speech or even their development isn't quite there so they cannot articulate and communicate their needs, so they scream for what they want.

2. Anger. They are not getting what they want or demanded, so they scream.

3. Pain.

4. Because they can.

5. Because they are happy.

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8Theresa Gould
It depends on the situation. You cannot discipline a child who cannot communicate and knows only to scream to get their point across, but obviously we don't want that behavior to continue so we always reinforce what we figure the child screamed for by using our words so they hear the correct words.

Sometimes I have hugged a screaming child and they have immediately melted, calmed down and quieted enough for me to talk to them. Then I usually encourage the child to "show" me what they wanted.

Happy screaming or just because screaming is allowed to a point then asked to stop once enough is enough. They have to learn self-control.

The anger one is the hardest, discipline? time out? sent to another room until they can be quiet enough to come out? (will they understand that?).

It has to be determined on a case to case basis. Not every time will be the same. But of course, we don't want a screaming child 24/7 or even for a half hour but it's a process for them to learn to stop when asked or told etc. As with everything, it usually doesn't happen overnight.
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