Help Please !!!

It runs on 8 week.

getting tired from Vomiting. Do someone has prevention for this ??

    I am sorry to hear that you have had some vomiting! First... are you sure this is from morning sickness and not a virus that is going around (we have had a horrible virus in our house) ...anyway. I have found that ginger works GREAT for morning sickness. There is a great article on Wed MD About it! you can find it at the following link:…

    Other than ginger I have found that if your sickness happens in the morning ... then leave a few crackers (oyster crackers work well) by your bedside and chew them before you get out of bed...sometimes this helps settle the tummy. I know that I had sickness throughout my pregnancy and it lasted well into the 8th month. So I hope that yours is not like mine! But the ginger and crackers will work if you get on a regular schedule!
      So sorry to hear this. Morning sickness while pregnant sucks. I had it really bad and my doctor prescribed me something that helped but was safe for the baby.
        Zofran does work...I took that too ... but it is nasty tasting... the ginger worked much better...more pleasant!
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