Holiday Shopping

How are all you ladies doing with your shopping? We are almost done in our family. We still have to take the kids to see Santa and go see the movie, "Frozen." My "Santa gift" is covered for my baby girl but my son wants expensive things. We are trying to decide between a golf set or a basketball net. He just started playing basketball at a local church. I'm voting for the basketball net but have to get the okay with daddy! Happy Shopping!!!!!​

    I still have to get Mylas bike(a doc mcstuffins bike that walmart dont carry maybe toys r us) and both of them stocking stuffers and maybe a couple more little things. But then I'll be done with them and just have to everyone eles'. We make sure there's is done first the we buy for everyone else. So I still have a lot to do :(
      I have an amazon shopping cart full of things to buy. We decided that this year we will get them both 1 big item and a few small items. I still have a long way to go but thankfully most of the family will be getting them things as well...since Santa can't leave everything under my tree he also leaves things at other family members houses as well.
        8Theresa Gould
        Just a few gift cards to get.
          Alyssa Martinez
          I dont shop until a week before Christmas! lol My kids change their minds every second so I do not like wasting my time or money on something they will not want. My family is easy..giftcards. One year we all waited until after Christmas and gave each other money so we could hit up the sales! lol
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