There's a LOT of Grinchmas's around...

Tis the season to be.. grumpy!!!?

Look, I'm not ray of sunshine every day and the holidays are harder than usual and I understand that times are tough...BUT.. It seems that everyone around me is having a harder time than usual..

I feel for everyone.. But, lately there just seems to be an abundance of the season downers.. Everyone I talk to when I say, "Hey! How are you?" there's a pause and a sigh and then it begins with the list of crap that's happening in their lives...

And it's affecting my mood... I not only feel badly for people and want to help but when it's coming from all angles, it's hard to shake off...

And like I said, I have my own things too.. but I'm trying to stay positive and grateful and dig in to the season and have fun with it, but lately I just want to stay in with my kids in our own little bubble..

The holidays are hard for a lot of people and I almost feel guilty that I don't feel so down like everyone else.. And it's a helpless feeling as I can't do anything to help anyone..

Maybe I'll stay warm and fuzzy in a egg nog haze... ​

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    LOL.. I understand... On the 15th it will be 30 years my dad died.. Everyone seems to die around the holidays so I walk around waiting for the next one..

    I guess my point is.. that we all have our own stuff.. and I can't be the person that hears a friend going through something then shrug it off...

    Life is hard.. Christmas and holidays makes it harder sometimes.. I get it.. I'm not some fucking happy Christmas elf thinking all is beautiful (YOU Know that :)
    It's just a lot.. I mean. EVERY person..

    I'm staying good and nogged til new years
      I enjoy Christmas it's always been my favorite time of the year and now that I have kids even more so. I feel bad for the people that's not having a good holiday but if your not do something to change it. I mean shit happens and you cant let it ruin your life and more important your kids. Cause whatever mood you are in will rub off on your kids.
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