My Friends Without Kids are bumming me out!!!

I have a few friends that are over 42 and have never been married and don't have kids.. Recently, they've pretty much all come to the conclusion that it won't happen for them. One of my friends is female and she's okay with it all.. and is lovely to my children.. My two male friends, whom I've known for 18 years are having a harder time.

My closest male friend is starting to become a little bitter... realizing that all the shows he's made and how hard he's worked and all the work he's done means nothing now.. and I feel badly for him, but at the same time I want to be like.. fine.. yes that sucks, but rally up and either go find a younger woman to love or deal with your choices and make family from the people around you..

I told him, hey.. MY kids could never have enough love from people.. and his nephews too...

I don't know.. When I met my kids dad I was at a really great point in my stand-up career. .. I KNEW that I couldn't have both at that time.. I knew that I couldn't have a serious relationship AND tour the road... I made a choice .. I also knew that if I kept going with my career that eventually 10 years later it would fade and I would be alone...

So I made a choice to leave my career for that time and focus on my personal life.. Obviously I wouldn't change it for the world, but when I made that choice I took a lot of heat from friends, agents, managers, family because I literally left my career... But somehow I just KNEW that this was my chance to have a family and I was in love and didn't want it to pass me by...

When I got divorced, after some time, I realized this was my chance to go back to my career and begin again.. I don't regret my choices at all.. I'm so grateful I had the foresight to SEE what I could have and what could have passed me by...

However.. my single and childless friends make comments as though I have it all.. and from their perspective, I do..

It truly goes to show you that no matter what you do or how much success or money you have, in the end... it just doesn't matter.. without family and relationships...

it truly is the good stuff... I go to their homes and they don't even have holiday lights up.. and it feels.. sad and empty..

I've included them in my home and with my kids and my kids love my friends, and I will make my family bigger as needed..

But, I get really tired of people complaining about something they can't change.. Even my most favorite friend is buggin me with this.. YES.. it sucks, but NOW what are you going to do with that?

Plus,.. it's easier for a dude.. I told him that he could still find a girl that's 10 years younger... he aint dead right?

Anywho... I feel grateful and blessed, yet I always feel a little empty when they people I care about are down... I wish everyone could be happy.. ​

    Wow, I know what you mean. I have a relative in mid 40's married but no children and it's difficult for them also especially around the holidays. They feel left out or out of place at family functions and are concerned about what it would be like when they are older without children
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