I was wondering if there are any other homeschooling moms out there. If so what curriculum/resources do you use? I use and I have a 4 and 6 year old im working with both learning at a first grade level

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    Hi Ariel. Welcome to!

    We use a hodge podge of curriculum. Online we use and Reading Eggs for supplementing. I print off Math sheets from Saxon Math's site or use a wipe off board. Periodically we use Starfall and Power My Learning (my 10 year old really likes this though I do not like some of the attitudes of the voices).

    For preschool we use an Amish based preschool books. They come in a set of five and Rainbow Resource sells them for about $15-$20 with an additional coloring bible story book. All of our children have loved these and it's what I am using for our 3 year old this year.

    Links to preschool books:… (we've used this in the past)… (this is the one we've pretty much stuck with through all our children)

    100 Easy Lessons to teach reading. I have used this with six of our children and will start with our seventh child in January. It's got silly stories but it's inexpensive and it works. We use Amish readers (sweet farm and character based stories) after they finish 100 Easy Lessons and whatever books they are interested in.

    I use to use Saxon Math for the younger grades but the lessons are so repetitive and long, so I make up lessons for them and use fact sheets. Our older ones still use Saxon Math.

    Nutrition 101 for health and nutrition.

    We get the Answers in Genesis magazine for science. We use to get Nature Friend and have back issues for our younger children. We also have a Creation Curriculum we use. A lot can be taught by having a garden and growing food too.

    We use books in our home library and our local library for history and geography. RISK and puzzles of the US and Canada are also good for learning geography.

    We use Simply Grammar for younger grades and then they move to Christian Liberty's Grammar and Literature books. The older girls are also using Christian Liberty's social studies, biology and government (God in Government books). I believe my daughter also wants to take their Chemistry course too.

    We use Reason for Handwriting and Italic Handwriting series. Wipe off boards are good for extra practice or handwriting paper from Miller Pads and Paper.

    Whew....think I got most of it. I think the key is to find what works for your teaching style and your kids learning style. I pray lots and usually do not second guess myself to prevent in over buying and having piles of unused curriculum. There's probably so much more online now that you can probably homeschool on a dime. I have mostly stuck with what has worked for us in the past and revising for struggling or advanced learners.

    Happy home educating! :)
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    8Theresa Gould
    Thankfully I did all this BEFORE I had eight children since we decided to homeschool when our oldest was 2 months old and homeschooling her formally at age 3.
    4Ariel LaCoste
    Thank you! This is a lot of good information! I will definitely put your information to use :-)
      i teach eclectic with my 13 yr old , no set curriculum , various work books and work sheets , books , anywhere we go is a teaching expierence
        we really like BrainQuest
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