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​I am currently in college and my pregnancy is a planned pregnancy I will be giving birth to my babygirl in March 2014 right in the middle of my LAST semester of school for my BA in psychology. of course i thought about how tough this will be for me but seeing as this is my last semester i do not want to take it off...I will be going back to school right away after giving birth and i will finish my last semester of college while my boyfriend stays home with the baby. It will be tough but it will pay off more in the future than me taking a break. It is very much possible i have known many women that have done it and happy they did I am ready to start my career so i will not put that on hold just because everyone else think they know what is best no you can still love your child take care of them and raise them right while finishing school I will only be in school for 2 months after giving birth so everything will be fine. I am always open to questions so feel free to message me with anything you may want to know.

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    It's good you plan to finish school and know it won't be easy.
      Thank You all :)
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      Hello Everyone my name is Chanelle, I am 22 years old Gemini :) and I am currently 28 weeks pregnant, expecting my first child! I am so excited to meet my baby girl and would love to share my experience so far, I am not shy, very open so lets talk :)