I have a thoght.

I just got pregnant today and my doctor said come back in 4 weeks then i might be able to tell if its a girl or boy. So maybey 4 weeks? Also i have a question how many weeks or months does it take till you can tell the gender of th baby or babiez?

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    Generally they don't try to figure out the gender until you are about 5 months along. They might do an ultrasound to determine due date. My doctor did that with me because I had no clue when my last cycle was. I had lost track of it. I was 10 weeks 1 day according to the size of baby at the first ultrasound.
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      between 16-18 weeks
        18 weeks
          There are tests they can do that determine gender around eight weeks. You may not find out via ultrasound but via genetic testing that will tell you basically 100% whether it is a boy or girl.
            And I just want you guys to know, that you should really make sure you're *certain* about your information before you post in a semi-putting others down, critical sort of way. There were several women in my pregnancy group whose doctors took a guess at the gender via ULTRASOUND as early as 10 weeks, (I say guess because it is not obviously formed at that point and even anatomy scans screw it up sometimes) which surprised me... But there ARE genetic tests that can determine the gender, one which is newer and I believe just that portion of the blood test, and the older tests that while looking for genetic defects will also tell you chromosomally if your child is male or female. I know PLENTY of women who have had this done and it was offered to me as well.

            Needless to say, I am very disappointed at the overconfidence and overtones of cattiness in this thread.

            And Amy, take this as a warning... Especially while you're pregnant *don't listen to everything you hear*
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