Be thankful for what you have

There was a pretty bad house fire not to far away from me today, and I drove past to see the family sitting outside watching their entire life go up in flames.

I didn't see the fire trucks their yet, but I could hear them in the distance. I knew I had to get back home and get to work, but I had to stop and make sure everything was okay.

They were fine (a young couple) but crying. Usually the weather is warm but we have a cold front in so it has been chilly all day. They said they did not have any heat so they opened the stove and turned it on to try and heat the house.

My heart just broke. Not sure if they had any kids, I did not see any toys in the yard but I could see what little holiday decor they had up in flames along with other items in the house.

I am glad they got out safely but just the thought of the personal items that they can't replace.

I hated to leave them but as the rescue crew got closer I knew that I should get out of the way. I gave them both hugs before leaving...but did not know what to say.

Things like this just make me appreciate what I have and not complain about the small things and enjoy the holidays.

    It was sweet of you to stop and visit for a couple of minutes. When our home burned down almost 4 years ago I will never forget all the people who came to help with the clean up. I would encourage you to stop by in the next couple to days to see if they are there trying to find anything that can be saved. You might just take some basics. It is devastating to not even have a change of clothes to put on not to mention undies and socks. Whatever you can spare to share will be really appreciated I'm sure.
    And yes, be thankful all the blessings you have in life, there are no guarantees they will be with you tomorrow.
      My mom has a friend at work, the sheriff's department showed up to get her cause her house had caught on fire. He her daughter and 3 grandbabies were living there.So so sad. She said they lost everything. We are just waiting to hear back of what they need to see if there's anything we can do to help. It defintely makes you remember that all the gifts you get and receive isn't important its that you have your family and everybody is ok. My prayers go out to these families.
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