Any tips??

Hubs and I are trying to get pregnant with our first baby and have had no such luck:( I wondering if there are any tips? Trying not to stress it to much, but I'm excited and want it to happen soon!​

Were going on month 3. Just got off my period today. I've never really had regular periods so that worries me. We have wanted a baby for a long time and we both just turned 20 so we wanted to make sure we had a home of our own, stable income and a stable foundation to build our family on. Every thing fell into place and we decided it was time to start trying:)
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I'm 20 years young with an amazing husband. We met freshman year in high school and couldn't stand each other! As time went no we started to grow on one another and look where we are today:) Happily married and trying for our first child!