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I am a single mom that works and goes to school full time. I love my son more than anything but sometimes feel so overwhelmed. My sons father says he wants to be in his life but does not see him due to living in another state and refuses to pay child support. I dont know if I should apply for support or just stop communicating with him all together since he has already said since he and I are not together he will not be moving closer to help raise the baby like originally planned. ​I asked him sign his rights away if he isnt going to help and he won't do that either. Thoughts?

    you should apply for child support, that is his job as a father to provide for your son even if you guys are not together.
      Yes go for child support you didn't make that beautiful baby by yourself. It's his job to provide for his child.
        I'm a single mom too. My kids dad lives in NY.. You need child support. File for it and they will eventually garnish his wages for you. It's worth it.

        AS for custody... write EVERYTHING down. When he calls, doesn't call, sends cards, gifts, takes your child for ice cream, visits, doesn't visit.. how long he goes without seeing him, etc.. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING...

        No court will award him partial custody from another state.

        I have full physical custody and joint legal.. I told my kids dad that he could see his kids any time he wants to.. he has full access to them .. I want my kids to have their dad, but they live with me. I'm raising them, but as long as he's a decent guy and pays his child support, then he can see his kids whenever he wants. I want my kids to have that. SO, it's a deal.. He knows that..

        But fathers fear if they give full custody to the mother that they are "Signing their rights away"... maybe not word it like that.. Maybe remind him that he can see your child anytime he wants, but for paperwork , the child lives with you full time. offer joint legal.. which just means that any big decisions you make.. like a surgery or something, he could contest...

        Good luck. Keep it simple if you can, deal with him kindly and minimally and do all the tough stuff through the appropriate outlets... it's hard, I know..
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