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Ok so those of you that's on here often know the story about me trying to get custody of my nephew. Well I also posted how apparently I did something to piss his maternal grandmother off who has temporary custody of him. ​I have no kidding had him every weekend for months now and now all of a sudden she doesn't let me have him last weekend and we had plans to take him to the Christmas parade with us and now she wont even return txt or phone calls. I've called and left him messages on the answering machine and everything. Like the poor kid hasn't been through enough with his parents being on drugs and pretty much running out on him now she's going to keep him from us to. For no reason at that. It isn't good for him or my girls they all have gotten use to this schedule and now she's going to mess it up. I just feel bad for him how could she do this to him. Hopefully come mid January when the court date gets here it'll all be over and they'll give me custody but unlike her I'm not a b**** for no reason and wont keep him from her like she's doing to us. Sorry just venting I'm stressed wither or not we are going to get custody of him and really sad she's going to try and keep us from him and it being so close to Christmas and at all :(

    She finally txted back and said she'd never keep him from me or anyone else.
    I hope thats true. I'm suppose to pick him up tomorrow :)
      8Theresa Gould
      That's good. Hoping it was just a "blip" in communication/schedules! Otherwise I was beginning to think she was sore about you having the home study to get custody of him. She knows you are pursuing this right?
      Yea she knows and has known from the start of all of this that if his parents weren't going to straighten up that I wanted him. I thought we agreed to disagree but somethings changed. I'm glad she's not going to keep him from me but we have no communication now, I don't know what she's mad about and honestly don't care I havn't done anything to her or said anything bad abut her. And this isn't about me and her it's about whats best for him and I believe being raised in a house that has other kids and a normal routine is best. She's a great grandma. But I think he needs someone to look up to as parents(not that I would ever want to replace his) but she will always just be his grandma and he needs a mommy and daddy figure in his life. I just think there is a defernce between being parented and grandparented and a kid his age(5) needs parents.
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