How Long After Baby Did You Wait Until You Had Sex Again?

I remember my husband waiting anxiously for that six week check up... the go ahead from my OB and the all clear from me...

I got the "OK".. But I have to be honest, I wasn't ready.. I don't know why.. I thought that I would be the type of wife that would be so ready and heated but when it came time to reconnect... I was less than ready.

I felt fragile and vulnerable and ugly and still sore and the last thing on my mind was sex. I did it anyway.. thinking that I would rally up and just needed to break the seal and get back on the horse... so to speak and that once I did, I would remember and be happy and want it again.

That's not what happened. I cried afterwards.. NOT the romantic moment we had hoped for. I felt like my body wasn't mine anymore.. I felt like it belonged to my child.. I know that may sound strange, but after being pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding, I felt like my body was more like a machine then something to be celebrated.. and I certainly was NOT up for being naked any time soon... Or in compromising positions..

But had I waited longer.. when would I actually BE ready??

Eventually it passed and I got myself back a little bit.. I started going to the gym and the baby started to sleep longer and better and I felt I had more freedom but it took a LOT longer then 6 weeks...

How long for everyone else??​

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    8Theresa Gould
    With our first it was a lot longer than six weeks. My episiotomy site was tender for a very long time. It was really a struggle for us those first few months postpartum. With the rest it was about the six weeks and now is better than it use to be. Better with age and experience maybe? ;)

    I think as women so much more than the physical act is involved for us. We usually have to be connected emotionally, mentally and even spiritually, if we can be, to get the full "affect". It's really important to be connected with our partners outside of sex in order to enjoy it. Wouldn't you agree?
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