Hanging onto Yourself

A mom and I were talking the other day about how we've been struggling to hold onto ourselves since our 9 month olds have been born. I struggle to even get a shower let alone get dressed and put some make up on my face. i feel like im not trying or "letting myself go" as one could say. Any tricks to avoiding falling deeper into this? I don't want to lose myself to be a mom. I want to be myself and a mom. ​

    Obviously I am not in the "trenches" as a Mom yet.. but I hope to still keep myself in tact.. I am certain it will be hard. Did you have anything pre baby that you loved doing, just for you, all alone? If so.. try to do it again. My husband and I have chatted many many times at how important working out is to us both, we both agreed to always put that high on the list for the other to keep doing... at least for us.. having an hour of ME time makes everything else seem so much easier.. the house more manageable and the stress not so stressful! I also like Mandi's idea of finding shortcuts and preparing.. always!
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