I was diagnosed with this during my last pregnancy. Unfortunately, they were unable to diagnose me with it until the very end of the pregnancy so after many months of a lot of pain, they finally induced me and I delivered the day after my daughter's due date. They told me that because I had it once before, I am at risk for getting it again. The doctor didn't really communicate much more to me on the subject, so I have a question, does anyone know things I can do to help prevent having this again in this pregnancy? All I know to do is to cut back on salt.​

VickyPhenix City, Alabama
    I was close to preeclampsia with my baby girl. I had pretty high BP through the entire pregnancy. The things that seemed to help keep my BP lower (although never in the preferred 180/20 range) besides BP medicine and reduced sodium intake were:
    Lavendar essential oil - I bought a little bottle and would put a drop on my pillow case to help calm and relax me (it also helped me sleep more soundly)
    Deep breathing and relaxation techniques
    Also, although it is difficult, I had to remind myself to not worry about the BP otherwise I would just be causing it to rise.
      8Theresa Gould
      You know there was a doctor who specialized in preeclampsia.....I cannot remember his name but I do remember diet played a huge part in how he treated women and increasing protein was a major change he made in their diets. Let me see if I can find out his name....he got a lot of back lash from different circles but I know midwives loved him.

      Dr. Brewer. I don't know if this is his actual website but it does give some information at least about the diet he prescribes. Check it out in case your doctor really doesn't offer you any more information and ask him/her about it - just be aware they may know nothing or be against Dr. Brewer for being different. And as always you can get a second or third opinion.
        Thanks for all the information!! I was having so much trouble finding out anything on my own
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