Nooo my tree is either drying out or I am paranoid LOL

I swear I am stressing out about this tree. I walk by the tree everyday and touch it or stare at it looking for any signs of drying. My husband thinks I am going crazy and maybe I am...I had a nightmare that the tree just kept wilting and I was not able to get close enough to it with my tiny glass of water.

This is why I don't have a ton of live plants in my house I am the kiss of death.

    8Theresa Gould this your Christmas tree or what kind of tree is it?
    If its your christmas tree i can give u some tips. Messge me.
      I just do a fake tree for that reason lol easier :)
        Time to buy a fake tree? Just kidding... maybe it is not getting enough water if the dog is drinking it? or is that not it?
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