The Nabi or a generic tablet?

My kids love playing with my tablet so my husband and I are thinking of getting them one for Christmas, but I just cannot see spending $200 on one for the both of them. I did see that Big Lots had a great sale on some small generic tablet for like $60, and I would not mind going that high.

Also, I am not sure how well the Nabi would grow with them. Granted it has Disney and everything but I can download kid apps and parental controls from Google Play.


    8Theresa Gould
    We just bought a Kindle since Amazon was offering $50 off and I've read many blogging friends discussions on it. We ended up paying a little over $100, but it's still cheaper than an iPad. We haven't opened it yet. Waiting for the kids to be in bed. My husband still may get an iPad.....we'll wait to see what the Kindle is like first though.
    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah it does seem fragile that way since it's plastic. I haven't bought a case yet so I wonder if that would help? Did yours have a case when it was dropped? I don't want buy a case if it isn't going to make much difference, you know?
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        Each of our children have a generic tablet... but you DO need to be careful of it cracking if you do not have a case for it. They work great and can get many apps and stream video and have WIFI. The only difference between a generic tablet and an IAPD is there ARE specific Apps for an IPAD that an andriod tablet cannot get. But I have just gone with another app!
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