I'm new here

I used to be on babygaga.com but since they have changed soo much, I've been wondering around trying out other sites.

I am 24. Born on Halloween. (Awesome, I know! Lol) I am married. We have two kids​. One girl one boy. Brooke is 5 and Brodyn is 2. Brooke was born on her daddies birthday and Brodyn was born a week later. We live in a small town in north texas.

I wouldn't say my life is perfect. Its far from it. I have my problems as does everyone. I'm a great listener. If you have a problem, ill try my best to help you out.

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    Hi Sharlotte! Welcome to Moms.com!
      Hi and welcome!
        Hi Sharlotte nice to meet you :)
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        I'm 24. Born on Halloween. I have 2 kids (one girl and one boy) and a wonderful husband. Yes he is the father of both. Our daughter was born on her fathers birthday and our son was born a week later. I have the biggest heart and wear it on my sleeve.