So sister is acting like a "grandma" to my niece!

I talked to my mom today and she told me my sister just down from me in age is acting like a "grandma" to our new little niece. ;) Mom said this with a chuckle because C has been down to S's house almost every day this week. So cute! It's been a long time since they had a baby in the family! C is also making some cloth diapers for her. It makes my heart swell that my little sister and niece are being taken care of but it makes me wish I were there at the same time, you know? I've missed out on so much living so far away. Most of my family is not good at keeping in touch. My mom, aunt and grandmother have been the ones to stay in touch the most.

Good news? My mom is FINALLY going to get internet again and wants to get a tablet! I think I can thank my Aunt for sharing her iPad with mom while she was visiting! So hopefully we'll be in touch more via the internet and maybe we'll get more photos of little Rory too. :)

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    8Theresa Gould
    My mom got a tablet for Christmas so once she gets connected I think it will help. Though we talk lots on the phone.

    My little sister is keeping us supplied with photos of little Rory via Facebook. My other sister is still being a wonderful help and my mom says she needs to have a baby. She's an empty nester in her early 40's so I think she's got time and inclination to help our younger sister out. I think my little sister and niece should come to visit with my mom next time! I'll have to suggest it.
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