A RING Thing!

Mamas.. I hear some get to the point where their wedding rings don't fit anymore? Did this happen to you? Was it more or less in warm weather months? My rings still fit fine at 31 weeks.. but I was just curious :)​

    Mine fit okay too. It started to get tight toward my 8th & 9th month though. Fluids.

    Oh, and.. don't forget the Lifetime Channel Christmas movies as well girlie!! Every weekend new movies like Hallmark. Thank goodness for my dvr!
    Yah! I couldn't sleep and I'm watching Hallmark hehe
      Well... my ring fit through my whole first pregnancy... Although I had to stop wearing my wedding ring because I kept scratching my daughter with it. During my second pregnancy we hit the 10 year mark in our marriage and he got me a diamond anniversary band...(no jutting diamond to scratch babies) ... I have wore that ever since ...since it is safer and doesn't scratch little skin or get snagged on things. I was finding that the diamond mount on my wedding ring always got caught on stuff when I wore it... I am much happier with my anniversary band (crazy I know) ... I wear my wedding ring nor as a partner with the anniversary band for special occasions, etc...
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          My fingers and feet swelled really bad for both kids but I was pregnant during the hottest months of the year too.
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