How Can You Have a Clean House?!?

I stay at home with my two kids under two years old and I am a horrible homemaker. I feel like I never have the time or ability to get anything done other than watch my kids! Does anyone have any advice? Maybe an attitude adjustment that could help? Anything really...​

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      it could be a problem even if you don't have small kids in your me. I usually have a weekly cleaning plan, small cleaning takes place every day in both kitchen and living room area:wash dishes, clean the floor, vacuuming. So it's actually always clean there. Ones a week I'm cleaning our bedrooms, and every other day our bathroom. I'm also doing a deep cleaning 1/in 2-3 months. The idea is to make a schedule which works for you. I know it's hard to keep up if you have small kids but possible if learn how to organize your own time.
        I clean around them and feel like its never ending I pick up one toy to turn around and have 3 different ones out. Don't stress it, no ones house is perfect.As long as there's not trash laying on the floor and things like that you'll be ok :)
          Aw.. you are busy, give yourself a break :) Have you tried a cleaning schedule of sorts? Things you can do daily... things you can do each Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri of the week too? I have found that cutting tasks up into DAYS make you not get so behind most the time :) But I wouldn't run yourself dry.. you have two small babies to take care of... orrrr.. hire a cleaning lady! hehe
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