His & Hers!

Ah.. 2 = 1 when it comes to baby, doesn't it?

Right now we enjoy chatting about WHO the baby might look like.. "I hope they have your _______ and my ________ ! But honestly, we have zero control :) I also love how in some families...​ ALL the kids look alike.. in others.. NONE of them resemble each other that much. So crazy.

Tell me ladies... who do your kids look like? You? Dad A lil both? Do they resemble their siblings? Do they both look so different?

    8Theresa Gould
    Ours do look alike. Since we live near my husband's family, I hear a lot that our kids or certain kids look like my husband. When my family gets to see them we hear more that certain ones look like me. Though a couple of our girls because of their glasses, hair color and facial features get told, "Looks so much like mom." Thankfully so far they don't mind! lol! Otherwise it's pretty much split.

    What's fun too is how much of our personalities are intertwined in certain children. We use to joke about having a girl like him and a boy like me. Guess what happened? We have a girl like him and a boy like me. Then there are times when a child will do or say something and I'll look at him and say, "That is so what you would day or do!" He gets this sheepish grin and just shakes his head knowing it's true.
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