Pregnent and hard times

I fojnd out i was pregnent a coulpe days go i havent told my husband yet cause hes traveling. Im not sur if he wants a new addtion sdo wehat should i do. Things also have been a little bit bumpy between us. So i am thinking about this. So moms what should i do?​ Also my sister says she will help but she is usally very busy and my brother doesnt get long well with me so...

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    I dont know if he wants to have a baby in our life. So... maybey ill just wait tills hes home and sees me and just let him yell at me. Hard times fgor me....
    No i just planned it. Yes he will yell at me cause we are going throgh a bummpy thime between him and me. Hes oming ome tonight.... But maybey he will be to tired to see me...

      A baby is a little bundle of joy and when I found out I was pregnant it was very early on in my relationship and I was so scared to tell him because we were in a rocky place in our relationship.

      My boyfriend, although we were fighting a lot, was open to the new addition after he saw how excited I was for it. It took him a few days to come around to the idea. It was not magic to clear up problems but it gave us motivation to overcome our issues.We are still working on them, but the baby drives us to work communicating better with one another and building our relationship.

      I would tell him after he gets back from his trip. Try to create a nice romantic setting, like a candle lit dinner for two in your home, slip on a sexy dress, and when you feel the moment is right, tell him. Be honest, tell him you're excited but scared, and if he does not support you he's an idiot! Some men need time to adjust and come around after finding out about such a life-altering addition; but it's the most amazing creation anyone can get and he will see that. Just remember how much the baby means to you, and he will see that. Don't worry everything will work out for the best!
        When my husband and I got together, I got pregnant only 4 months after being together. I was on birth control so it took me by surprise a little bit. I was young and scared as well. I didn't know how he would react to it. I did know that no matter what I was keeping my baby. He was scared and shocked as to he didn't ever want to have children. But after a week of finding out the news, he started coming around little more each week. He always tells me to this day that he is very happy that we have our son and that it brought is closer together. We are now after 4 years trying to get pregnant. ;)
        I would make sure to be honest with him
        And tell him. He might now like it at first but if he truely knows how much this baby means to you and he really cares he will
        Come around an be happy for the both of you and your new baby. ;)
        Congratulations and hope the best for and your family.
        Stay strong to what you believe and everything will work out.
        I told him this moroing. Last night is wshen i posted this sorr y fgor confusing you.
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