Do you moms know if theres a higher chance bof geeting a boy baby then a girl or the oppiste way aroundor sasme sme just wondortoing...​

    i don't know unless you tell me
      The statistical likelihood is actually more along the lines of 51 % boy, 49% girl. This also represents similiarly the birthing rate in the US. More boys than girls, but your chances still about 50/50.
        Also, in case anyone wants to know why.

        "Males are more fragile (male infants are less likely to survive their first year, and a man's expected lifespan is less than a woman's). The slightly higher conception rate of males is nature's way of evening out the balance.

        As Shettles contents, Y-bearing male-producing sperm may have a speed advantage over X-bearing female-producing sperm, more often winning the race to fertilize the egg and resulting in more male conceptions."
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