Another Christmas AWAY!!

My daughter has told me that she wants Christmas at home.. We have always travelled to families for christmas and I look forward to the time when we have it small and at home... I thought about it... I'm tempted... but then I thought. no... It would be great to have them awake Christmas morning in our own home, but I know that around 10 am.. after everything is opened that I will want for my family and my sister too..

I told her that one day.. when we have a place big enough, WE will have them come to us.. but that I too want to be around family.. I want to see my nieces and sister and mom and brother in law and that it's FUN for ME..

She's fine with it of course... And everything I do is for them.. but this.. it's about family and yes it's hard to travel and be somewhere else for xmas, but it's about all being together and I want some DARN EGG NOG!!! Heavily spiked and laugh with my sister as we mess up the turkey again...​

    We are doing Christmas at home this year. We usually wake up here then go to my moms, then hubby's moms, then grandams house. That's so much and I love it but we don't get home until 8-9 at night and the kids are asleep in the car. So we decided this year we are going everywhere on Christmas Eve and just staying home all day on Christmas in our pj's. :)
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