what did you name your baby girl?

I have a boy, but just wonder what did you name your baby girl and why-family tradition, favorite movie, just like the name?​

    Our first daughter is Myla Randi, Myla from my love and Randi from my dad who passed away when I was young. My second daughter is Zayla Breann, Zayla cause we wanted something to match Myla and Breann from my mom.
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        my husband and i are naming our daughter Melody Elizabeth. melody because i love the name and elizabeth after her grandmother.
          Aimee Landrum
          My husband and I have two daughters Chloe 3 and Trinity 2. We are naming our third baby girl Aryelle because she is constantly moving around lol...like a little mermaid.
            I have 2 baby girls ages are 1 year and 1 month.
            I like names I think sound unique.
            My first child is named Raelynn Mashae. I picked that one when I was a teenager & stuck with it. Raelynn I loved the sound of it and meaning which is Ascending from beauty. (makes me feel good about myself haha) & Mashae is French for Michelle.

            My other daughter is name Milah Christine Ann. With her being so close to my other daughter we had no idea what to name her. sad of me to say but we didnt come up with the name until 7 months into pregnancy. I know horrible. We decided to name her after some people. So we were sitting down talking and decided to name her after quite a few people. Her first name is actually two names put into one. Her Aunt Kayla & Uncle Mike. My fiance got Milah out of it. I LOVED IT! Middle name Christine is after my mother. Ann is after my fiances sister Betty Ann. She passed away this past year at age 30 of suicide. She hung herself. He was very close to her. She died at age 31 leaving 3 kids behind all under 18. Everyone was torn up about it. Was going to try and put Bethany somewhere but Betty always said she hated her name and would never name her kid that. So we decided to go with her middle name.

            whew big explanation haha
              18Krissy Clarkson
              First girl emma and theres alot more so i dont think i should sauy alot.I picked Emma's Name Beacause she on a disney tv show Emma Ross but my girls name is Emma Jay My real name is Krissa Jay but everybody calls me krissy .I still watch disney
                Mine are kaylee Alexis and kaylin Marie. And my step daughter name is katlyn Rena. Kaylee was because I loved that name and after kaley Cuoco I think that's how u spell it I love her lol. Kaylin really was the only name me n her dad liked lol. Marie is my middle name and my grandmas name that passed.
                  We only have one kid for now, and we named her Nina Marie. Originally, we were going with the name Karigan (after a favorite book character of mine, and he also has a game character named Kerrigan that he likes), but we couldn't think of a middle name. "Nina" popped up as a possible middle name, but it was too pretty to be stuck as a middle name, and as soon as I thought of that, I tried to think of ways to make the name flow with a middle part..."Nina Marie" flows well and it's really pretty...plus, it's apparently a tradition in my MIL's family to keep the same middle name for all of the girls, which is and has been for a LONG time "Marie"...I did not know that until After we had named her, which bugged me lol...I don't like old family traditions when it comes to names, but oh well! If we have another girl, I'd like to go with Karigan again, or maybe Felicia or Hollis.
                    My daughter's name is Violet Rayne. The simplest answer is that purple is my favorite color and Daddy and I could both agree on that name. There is a more complex reasoning, though. My mom had her first child, a girl named Victoria, at the same age that I had my first child, a girl. Victoria played a big role in my life as a somewhat fill-in mom during a really difficult transitional time for my family, and we are still very close to this day. She lives in Michigan now, and I live in Oklahoma so we don't get to see each other often. I felt that by naming my daughter an older name, similar to Victoria, beginning with a V, it would accurately represent my love for her. "Rayne"... well, I love the rain, lol! LOVE IT. The alternative spelling came about because we decided "Rain" seemed too plain and "Rayne" was more feminine. Also, this spelling is a mixed around version of my best friend's middle name, "Renay". I did catch some flack from my big brother ("Purple Rain? REALLY?!"), but those kinds of things just roll off my back.
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