What should i do?

My husbaznd will be home soon and i have some news for him. Any specil things i should do to make this easier. The news is that im pregnent and he might be upset asnd angry o. Any thing i can dfo to tell him and asvoid any bad agurments‚Äč

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    I cant wait because he will find out that i lied to him and he will yell at me and we will have to fight so...
      good question! I would make it in a positive environment. May be order a good dinner with his favorite dishes? First of all wait when he finished his dinner, and then say " Honey, I know that our relationship is the best now, but I have something very important for you. " Can you tell that you love him very much, and can't live without him. I mean prepare him first, and then tell the news. Try to use only positive lovely words.
        Please don't let him talk you into an abortion. It's a baby, and it's his. Good luck!
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