Nervousness ...

​getting more and more nervous as Januray is just around the corner and Miley's testing for Marfan's Syndrome i am so nervous ..if she test out positive for it here are just a few things we have to watch for

Aortic aneurysm or dilation



Bicuspid aortic valve


Cystic medial necrosis

Degenerative disk disease

Deviated septum

Dural ectasia

Early cataracts

Early glaucoma

Early osteoarthritis

Ectopia lentis


Eye iris coloboma

Above-average height

Heart palpitations


High palate

Hypermobility of the joints

Kyphosis (hunched back)

Leaky heart valve


Micrognathia (small lower jaw)

Mitral valve prolapse

Myopia (near sightedness)

Obstructive lung disease

Osteopenia (low bone density)

Pectus carinatum or excavatum

Pes planus (flat feet)

Pneumothorax (collapsed lung)

Retinal detachment


Sleep apnea

Stretch marks not from pregnancy or obesity

Teeth crowded

"Narrow, thin face

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD)

I have been studying up on it so at least if we have to take this road i will be somewhat prepared ... as of now she Has A hole in-between the Chambers of her heart, Hyper sensitivity to bright light and Hyper mobility of the joints ... this could just be the beginning... But I am Strong and as a Mom i only hope for the best and will always be there at her side to support her no matter what we have to face ...

well she is 2yr's old and no not during pregnancy but it runs in her family and as she turn a yr old and i started noticing traits that point to Marfan syndrome i starting taking notes and just watching her as she developed ..1st thing was her abnormal height for her age as of now a 2yrs 5 months old she stand at 3'3'' tall and wears size 11 toddler shoes and size sx 4/6 in girls for shirts ... second was she was having a very hard time learning to walk ,,then i noticed she walked on her ankles so i took her to the doctor which sent us to a specialist who just said she too young to tell.. well i didn't agree with him so off we went seeing up to 14 different specialist on feet and joints and finally right after her 2 yr b-day the last guy we saw sent us to the Gillette's Childerns Hopsital in the twin cities where we are now testing her for Marfan .. it runs in her dad's side of the family Grandpa and uncle have it Dad has the passive gene he shows mild traits but nothing like Grandpa and Uncle to so we just have to wait and see what the genetics test says
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