How "healthy" Should your kids eat... for their future health?

When I was school age, my mom went through an all natural phase... Ugh.. I was the kid with the lunch of ak mak crackers (sp? But equivilent to cardboard) and unsalted, no fat peanut butter. I had carrots, water, cheese and carob chips... My mouth watered over my friends turkey white bread with mayo sandwiches and their juices and chips...

I know my mom was doing right, but she over did it to the point where I felt deprived... So, When ever I went to a friends house to play or a sleep over and their mom asked if I wanted a snack, I was always like, YES PLEASE.. One friend I had, had skippy PB and cheetos and chocolate pudding.. I was in heaven... Let's not talk about what happened when I went to college and could buy my own food... (Freshman 20? Try 50)...

So, as much as I try to stay healthy and fresh with my kids... We have some "crappy" food too.. We have cheese it's and fruit roll-ups .. and though I refuse to buy cheetos or sleeping beauty fruit snacks, ​I DO let them have those every now and then.. I want my kids to be taught to eat healthy and make choices for themselves.. I tell them and explain to them WHY we don't have some things.. and that everything in moderation is okay.. I don't want them to be the kid that I was, that hid candy in her room...

Case in point: A good friend of mine is like my mom.. A snack at her house is raw, unsalted almonds.. that type.. She will bring her daughter's snack to a party that HAS snacks and won't let her daughter eat the party food.. like chips etc... Extreme right? Well, she's creating a possible eating problem... I know this for sure. Because when I took her daughter home from soccer recently, we stopped at 7-11 for a popsicle or slurpee and she chose the BIGGEST, most sugary popsicle she could find... and as we drove her home (5 minutes away).. she sucked that thing down so FAST and then wiped her mouth clean and asked me, sort of panicky if I could see anything on her lips, etc... I calmed her and told her that I would tell her mom I let her have it and bought it for her... and she was nervous... I mean, lol.. she went through the popsicle in minutes and tried to get rid of the evidence (all before my kids really got the wrapper off of theirs)...

So, I know... that her daughter feels deprived somehow and that she is just DYING to taste the sweet life ...

So, I'm feeling like I'm doing it okay with my kids.. teaching them a balance.. and talking to them like they're people.. .telling them the reason we don't have certain snacks is because, not only will you possible grow big, but it's UNHEALTHY and I tell them that their bodies won't work as well and they will tire easily and not sleep as well and won't learn as well...

Who knows if I'm doing it "right".. But I'm sure glad it's not my kids downing a 10 inch icee in minutes... Freezer brain...for sure..

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    Agreed Mara... On all counts.. My kids have to have fruit with every meal and if they want ice cream.. they know they have to have some fruit first.. maybe I'm crazy to think theyre sort of swapping it out in a way... But I tell them.. hey, you can have a sweet every day.. ice cream every night as long as it's not a giant bowl and you've eaten well for the day...
    My son asked me if he could have cheetos once a week in his lunch.. I said why? And he said, he knows that they're bad for us and the orange color is bad, but he likes them anyway.. and I said, me too... and he said, if I eat all my apples every day before that, can I have cheetos just once a week? and I said of course.. Still working on my daughter... if given the choice she would have cookies for breakfast every day.. but she's 6.. lol
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      I went through a stage like your mom, but my husband balances me out. He's not all into "perfect" healthy living. I'm glad I came around so to speak. We still have our sweets, mostly homemade unless it's ice cream, and buy junk food sometimes but if our children are out and there's a buffet table of food, the good will outweigh the bad and guess what? I feel like they are doing ok.

      I felt bad for the little girl. I hope her mom was ok with it. I mean really ok with it.
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