SHARE some cute nicknames for your kiddos...

When my son was a baby.. I called him Monkey... Which progressed to 'Monkey Jones'... and I have NO idea why... But it was often and used more than his name as I would play with him and he would 'hide' and I would call out, "monkey Jones....".. I also called him 'bear' ..

My daughter was "Missy Lou"... and that was because she was super mischievous... and I would playfully say to her.. 'What are you doing with that Missy??".. and she would laugh and crawl away and I would chase.. and then when I would get more playfully "mad".. I would throw in the LOU part.. like when I really AM mad and their middle names are used..

I called them both "squirrels"... and "love nuggets"... Squirrel because when they were getting tired and easily agitated.. I would tell them they were getting "squirrely".. I have no explanation for love nugget.. other than I might be crazy.

Reading this now. it all sounds so dorky and odd. lol..

So.. now everyone has to share!!!!​

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      bear was my name!)) My dad called me "ma litta bear")
      The funniest name I was called in my childhood was my full name - Mariya. My grandpa always called me only this way). It was funny for 2 years old girl).
      And I call my nephew a Pie). He's sweet like a strawberry pie)
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          8Theresa Gould
          Most of these were given by husband:

          Oldest - Boo Boo (have no idea why)
          2nd - Peanut (she was so small at 8 lbs compared to her older sister's 9 lb 6 oz
          3rd - Giggles or Giggly (she use to sit by herself playing and just giggle, even as a 6-9 month old baby)
          4th - Jearbear (a friend of the family dubbed him this at 3 and it stuck)
          5th - Jumpy (for obvious reasons)
          6th - Blondie, Wiggles, Marmalade
          7th - Nookie Bear, his name and Boa
          8th - Junior
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