Getting Pregnant

My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months now, and still no luck. I feel like we have tried everything.

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    We haven't gone to the physician yet, we were going to make an appointment after the holidays if we don't get any in home news. We have gotten to the point to where we are no longer trying, but we aren't preventing it.
      So sorry it hasn't come super easy for you all.. but don't be discouraged.. it obviously takes perfect timing.. on both accounts :) Have you made sure you are both healthy and problem free? I would wait a few more months and if nothing happens, maybe talk with your doctor.. do you know what days you ovulate and have pin pointed WHEN you need to get going? So many factors can weigh in!
      Yeah we believe it will happen when the timing is right, but we are getting impatient lol. Yeah we are both pretty healthy and problem free. yeah I know what days I ovulate, I keep a calendar and have an app on my phone. :)
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