Well we just got over the chicken pox in our home..

We are choosing not to vaccinate & so many people give us a hard time for this but as a mother you have to make the best decisions for your family.

Having a hard time with the thought of so many cases of whooping cough in ID so far this year. Looking into the Pertussis vaccine for this particular reason, more research to do on this but dang I think Im still leaning more towards no vaccinations...

Do you vaccinate your children or will you when you have children?
What are your thoughts on vaccinations?

    I vaccinate my kids usually get everything but the flu shot.
      Avoiding vaccination also means you don't add to "herd immunity." There are children who medically can't be vaccinated, and an unvaccinated child puts them at risk. I have vaccinated all 3 of my children.
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        All our children have had chicken pox, except our youngest. My husband and I had it when we were children.

        Our first two are vaccinated up until almost school age. We stopped vaccinating after I started researching vaccinations when our oldest had a bad reaction to the MMR at 15 months - doctors claimed it was something going around without seeing her but I believe it was a reaction to the vaccination. Our other children have not been vaccinated.

        In regards to Pertussis, I read somewhere they are finding it is more prevalent in those who are vaccinated or as much in those who are vaccinated as those who are not.

        We do not do flu shots and have not had the flu in nearly two years. We rarely get sick any more, that's saying a lot considering most of our children are still young.

        My dad had polio as a child (under a year old) and was told he'd never walk (he did thanks to my grandmother's diligence), so it's not like I am opposed to vaccinations but we believe not vaccinating is the right decision for us.
          Both of my little ones are up-to-date for their ages and will continue down that path. My daughters has had minor reactions to some vaccines, such as vomiting and fever but neither reaction lasted longer than 12-24 hrs. I had refused to get the flu shot for either myself or my daughter, but I found some interesting information and have since changed my stance. I will have my children vaccinated against most everything they could come in contact with and when I'm no longer breastfeeding, I will get myself up-to-date.
          I recommend the Vaccine Mom blog ( for easy to understand info about why vaccines are so important.
            I began vaccinating my son but he had a pretty bad reaction to the MMR shot. After getting the shot his face and neck swelled up, and afterwards he had a bad allergic reaction to the medication they gave him for it. He also has some difficulties focusing and is very high energy (even though he doesn't eat candy or have a whole lot of sugar)... We are managing with this, but after a couple years of research into vaccines, their ingredients and some statistics (as well as the law regarding vaccines), we decided to stop vaccinating him and not to vaccinate any of our future children. Our daughter has had none, and our next children will have none.

            I don't like people who try to scare parents into vaccinating before they do the research. We had some doctors who did this, and one doctor (who be thank for encouraging us to do the research and make an informed choice) who was very honest about the potential benefits of vaccines, but also the potential risks (as no medical procedure is without them), and the fact that it is very difficult to determine what a vaccine injury is, and therefore, difficult to treat them, or know whether to stop.

            There is nothing wrong with people who do vaccinate, I am not opposed to a parent's right to an informed decision - but I highly recommend doing the research, a lot of it, and talking to people from BOTH sides, before making a choice. No matter what you choose, there will be people who think you are doing the wrong thing. You need to be comfortable with your choice and confident in the research you have done.
              In my family we believe in natural medicine. My grandma uses herbs and other natural remedies to make drinks for all kinds of illnesses. Me and my siblings have never been vaccinated and we have never had kore than a mild stomache flu or sore throat. I'm choosing not to vaccinate because I believe the risks are greater than the reward but thag is just me. I trust my grandmas mdicines more than a chemical made in a lab. But I don't judge or look down on people who do. It really just depends in your point of view and your beliefs.
                I have 4 children, never vaccinated, and have never regretted a day of it. Five yrs ago, my kids caught whooping cough when a (vaccinated) teacher brought it into school. Guess what? ALL the children caught whooping cough, even those who were vaccinated! Viruses (virion) are not bacteria. They don't behave the same. Doctors study biology (the science of living things). Virology is totally different. A virus is not living, so doctors have little knowledge of this area. A virus multiplies by injecting its RNA & DNA into healthy cells, so the idea of building an immunity to a virus is a hoax at best. A virus can mutate and cause a completely different disease. Cancer, MS, MD, and a host of other auto-immune illnesses have been attributed to vaccines.
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