Alternatives for non-veg?

I am lucky to have my daughter who isn't fussy about food at all (thats how it is for now though!). But her system gets upset whenever I try non-veg (except eggs). She is 18 months now. Anybody on the same boat? What are good alternatives to replete her diet with the lacking nutrients?

    Hi. A couple options would include steak-ums, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and pasta. Pasta is fun because of the variety in shapes. Offer a dip with everything...ketchup, sesame ginger dressing etc.
    I like those kiddie plates with sections. I offer a meat, fruit, veggie and a dip. I try to use a lot of color and funky utensils to entice little ones to try new things. Good luck ( :
    She eats everything i.e, fruits and veggies; but non-veg.. She seems to have some kind of aversion for meats/pasta. what other stuff could i try.. Any suggestions for a good toodler food
    she has everything but non-veg. whenever I try non-veg, for eg: chicken/fish, she bloats up.. gets restless.. she abhors cheese stuffs as well..
    Meats are essential source of proteins, iron and other supplements. Hence was trying for alternatives that could help her a balanced nourishments
      My husband's tummy is not fond of fruits and veggies too. It could be the chlorophyll. Have you tried giving veggies that aren't green by themselves? Carrots, potatos, apples, etc.
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