What do you think about using fish oil instead of medication for ADHD kids

​I don't know much about this not having dealt with ADHD on a personal level before, but I know if I was a parent with and ADHD child I would try any alternative method to see what worked best for my child before putting them on drugs. That's just the way I am....now. Then if nothing worked and medication was the only option, then go with it.

Every parent is going to do what's right for their child and family because that's what any good parent does.

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    I've heard it works wonders I haven't tried that as of yet I'm sooo against putting anyone on "medication" before using natural methods they use so many chemicals in everything now a days no wonder everyone is always getting sick. My daughter has ADHD and we try and keep her on a strict diet and has helped we know what her triggers are I'd like to try out fish oil as well to see if that helps too!
      have any of the adhd moms here tried behavior modification therapy? I was wondering because my dh and my stepson both have adhd and i think my son does too but they won't diagnose him yet because of his age. But my psycharist who also treats children with adhd recommends behavior modification therapy first and meds only as a last resort. My stepson was on ritalin for a week before my dh flushed it down the toilet. He is now 19 a freshman in college , plays trumpet in the college band, is a second degree black belt and a straight a student. he just stays busy all the time as does my hubby. my son is the same way.
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