How to take a baby on a hike

You know, in most other parts of the world this question would not need to be asked. No offense to anyone asking! In other parts of the world the only way a mom gets from place to place is to carry her child.

In all seriousness, so much of life with a new baby doesn't have to be a chore or huge upset (though in many ways it is an adjustment), babies just need to be integrated into our lives and we find a new normal that includes baby. So if you love to hike, then a baby carrier (for both you and your partner so you don't have to be switching the carrier back and forth) is the answer to taking a baby on a hike. It's as simple as that.

Though I don't know anything about elevation and babies, so depending on the height your hike will take you check out the affects of change in elevation on a baby. Before taking him/her on your much wanted hike.

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