At the risk of being judged, I am desperately seeking help. I ama sahm of a 5 month old who hates naps so I don't get much "mommy time" and my husband works nights (3pm-3am) so he's getting home when I'm asleep. Starting this morning I have been, for lack of a better term, feeling frisky. I usually can ignore it and it goes away within minutes because I don't have time to satisfy it and I'm not able to wake up enough at 3 am, but it has been bugging me for 9 hours and is just now starting to go down. Please, if you have any advise on how to keep this from happening let me know. I'm thinking it might just be hormones and fertility because im due to mentrate in 4 days. Tia.

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    I was always one of the women that only liked doing the deed at night, you know before bed. I have defintely learned with kids you get it when and where you can. My kids are 3 and 4 so it's a little harder these days but we've had to learn to work around them, while they are seating watching cartoons being good or playing in their room. My hubby works from 6pm to 6:30am and has a hour drive each way. So our best time is in the morning when he gets home(bathroom or laundry room since they're the only doors in my house with locks lol) while the kids are relaxing watching cartoons and drinking their milk.
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