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Both my kids were natural but my second was all hard labor. She ended up stuck behind my cervical lip. I had to wait until they could lift the lip over her head. But her labor and delivery was fast. I was in labor for 6 hours (8 with my first) and she was out in 6 minutes (14 mins with my oldest)

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    Lol! It was crazy Mandi! I thought she was never gonna come out! But when they said how big she was, I was like WOW!! No wonder she was stuck!!!
      My two were completely different. Most of this was due to becoming much more educated and conscious of the decisions I made. First time, I followed suit of what everyone else does and got an epidural. I was in labor for 8 hours before they gave it to me, and I will say it was the absolute worst decision I made. I couldn't feel anything to push him out and then I ended up being cut down there (the worst pain and healing in my whole life) .
      Second birth, I knew it would be different for me, first thing I did was decide that I wanted a drug free birth, because the way you are treated like a piece of meat because you are drugged that the hospital staff can just man handle you and they think they are "delivering" your baby. No sirs/mams: I am DELIVERING my baby. I hired a doula for support through my labor, she worked with me ahead of time to learn positions and movement and techniques of pain management (imagery/meditation like), and then was with me at the delivery. I did end up having to have pitocin because I had prodromal labor for nearly 3 weeks (walked around 5 cm dilated for week and half). Once the pitocin was started my baby practically flew out (45 minutes total hard labor). It was the most amazing thing in the world to control my delivery and to feel him coming through the birth canal. Also, as I had been fit during my 2nd pregnancy I think this made a big difference to my endurance and feeling like myself again after the delivery. I stood up and walked around 10 minutes after having him, and began regular exercise in 2 weeks (without soreness).
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