TOO Many Treats at School...

I love treats.. I do.. My kids and I don't hesitate to have them.. but it seems whenever the holidays roll around they are bombarded with cookies and cupcakes and candy..
I'm not grinch.. but yesterday after my kids had their annual winter sing.. they had treats.. but holy crap... They didn't get a cookie.. they got a cookie, a donut, tiny muffin and hot cocoa...

I'm ALL FOR SUGAR.. lol.. We have it in moderation though and even though I totally agree they should celebrate with a cookie.. stacking their plates high with it is wrong..

ANd then I'm the bad mom that's telling her kid to choose one and save for later...

No wonder we are a fat nation.. I'm not saying they should have just a fruit plate.. have the cookie.. have the cocoa.. but choose...


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