The perks of trying to do homework with a toddler present.

I am a single mom of a rambunctious 2 1/2 year old, I work a full time job and I am a part time student, trying to find me time or even time to study is hard. This is my look on doing homework with a toddler. I hope you school mommies enjoy it. :)

It is difficult at times trying to do homework with my toddler running my house, like he is Kind of Play Land (Which he is.) Trying to block out all of the "play with me's" or his little chit chats are harder than I expected. Over filled with madness, glancing at his rapid movement every so often quiet as a mouse with just my eyes trying not to draw attention toward myself so he doesn't bombard me like a Lion with his prey. When asking you question's in the middle of assignments really put your "multitasking" to show. My favorite repeated "Yes" word or "I see" is definitely over used 101 times. You want quiet time, but when it get's to quiet panic starts to over take your body like something furious. When you don't see your toddler in the surrounding area code you assigned anymore it's time to run frantic like a mad women until he is located. Just like little tornado's they are pro's at destroying a home in record time. Daycare is not a option for me, my personally opinion...I wouldn't ever want my child to see the light of hell so why send him. I have discovered that the best "babysitter" is there favorite cartoon. Sitting 10 feet away while he watches Mickey Mouse I can't help but to quietly sing the song like it's my favorite of all times. Homework is hard, toddlers are harder. When he comes to me wanting love, hugs and kisses are the best break to recuperate my brain. When submitting an assignment, patiently waiting for the grade, when I see that I have aced it my happy dance run's through my bones and out of my body, when my son join's in on my happy dance he get's ecstatic but yet, has no idea why we're happy dancing. He know's homework is important to mommy, when he knows I'm done he'll ask to do his "homework" which is ABC Mouse. So right back down I sit for more homework! :)

Stephanie Robol

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    8Theresa Gould
    It sounds like you are managing well under the circumstances. Love your break and your son's homework. ;)