19 Ways Preschoolers are like Politicians!

Our elected officials may not seem to have much in common with your average preschooler, but the similarities are everywhere once you start looking:

1. In general, you can trust about half of what comes out of their mouths.

2. When they don’t get their own way, they’re prone to tantrums and name-calling.

3. They will say almost anything to get your approval.

4. When caught in a lie, they will deny it repeatedly before eventually confessing in dramatic, teary fashion.

5. They have pet projects to which they are fiercely devoted (often involving things with wheels, rails, or wings).

6. They like to hear themselves talk and frequently interrupt others.

7. They attend a lot of meals that are catered by someone else.

8. Things can get messy when they start drinking.

9. They get defensive when you suggest they are perhaps not fully in touch with reality.

10. They love posing for pictures.

11. They often attempt, with varying degrees of success, to shift the blame to others.

12. They like to play dress-up.

13. They are full of smiles one minute and full of self-righteous fury the next.

14. They don’t seem to comprehend that their various plans always result in you spending your hard-earned money.

15. Tea parties are a very big thing with them.

16. You often find them naked in inappropriate settings.

17. Their friendships and loyalties are in constant flux.

18. They like to think they play well with others, but most of them just aren’t very good at sharing.

19. They live in a world of make-believe.

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