Cravings.. Uh, Kind of!

So I talked about not really having any FOOD cravings per say.. but goodness ladies.. ready for something weird? Lately.. altoids, yes altoids and the smell of this one cleaning room spray is AMAZING to me! I mean I don't sniff it.. but when I get a chance to use either.. ahhh!

Did you have any weird smell quirks while pregnant?

    Stephanie Mitchell
    HA! definalty be careful with those cleaners!!! clean smells with my oldest daughter, bleach, disinfectant spray, fabreeze, fabric softener.
      8Theresa Gould
      I just had an aversion to smells in some of my pregnancies.
        I loved the way cleaners smelled but like you didnt sniff it lol. I craved ice like crazy. I would seriously have hurt someone to get my ice.
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