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Not sure what this community is about, but I thought I'd give it a go.

My baby is sick. She's had a cold for all of December. We're still breastfeeding, and all the cold does is take nursing away in my comforting arsenal. I HATE IT. Around 5:55 this morning, her cold dropped to her chest, and she woke, wailing like she was in pain. She again wouldn't nurse, and was pretty inconsolable. I hated having to leave, but I had meetings at 10am, 11am, and 1pm at work. She stays at home with her father, and my husband is very good at taking care of her, but I really just wanted it to be me. For a few times this morning, she wanted it to be me too, but I had to go.

So, why can't we treat colds in children under 2? I wish medical science would give questioning parents some better answers than "weather it out" and "It will pass."

I apologize. I don't generally take to ranting, but my patience with this cold is waning. My baby is suffering and sniffling, and I can't fix it.

    My girls had it in early November and I swear it lasted 2-2 1/2 weeks. They were misrable and so was I. And any time mine get a cold, they vomit after they fall asleep cause the mucus and they cant breath. I use a cool mist humidifier, vics(on their chest and feet but make sure they wear socks) make sure it not to hot in their room. I too hate the fact that theirs nothing we can do for them. Hope she feels better real soon :)
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      Hi Tish, welcome to!

      You know that most doctors only prescribe antibiotics for colds, ear infections etc. to make parents feel better, right? Yes, our nurse practitioner or pediatrician admitted this to me once when I questioned her about the use and overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics won't help your daughter with a cold. It's hard as parents, especially as new parents because we want to be able to do something, when often all we can do is comfort them and let them know we are there.

      Sorry you had a hard time leaving your daughter today, totally understandable, but at least you left her in good hands with your husband.

      If in doubt in regards to the cold being in her chest, consult your doctor. Our oldest son had a terrible chest cough as an infant (2.5 months old) and he freaked me out. I took him to the doctor and they ordered an x-ray and found a bit of pneumonia in his lungs. In this case antibiotics was needed and necessary.
        Hello all! Firstly, wow--I never expected this kind of response and support. Thank you very much!

        Update on my daughter. She's getting a bit better, but it progresses slowly. Her nasal congestion is much less, which is a step in the right direction, because at least she can nurse almost normally again. The coughing is still a nighttime concern. Last night, she was almost asleep about three times before she actually fell asleep, woken by coughing. We're trying propping her up, a cold mist humidifier, and a bit of honey (safe as she's over one). We missed the honey last night though, so I wonder if that didn't hurt us. I'll try it again tonight.

        My husband and I never took her to the doctor because she never ran a fever. We were careful to monitor her symptoms and we have been tracking the length of this cold, but as miserable as she's been, nothing ever read as more than a virus, so we knew it would just have to run its course.
        8Theresa Gould
        So glad she's feeling better. It's so scary when they are little and cannot tell us exactly what they are feeling.
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