as soon as they are walking

ok I am really just kidding but I always started 2-3. Teach them to pick up their toys, wash a table, and etc. The faster you teach them the quicker they learn responsibility

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    I had our 15-18 month olds helping unload silverware from the dishwasher because they wanted to "help". Now it certainly didn't get in the drawer correctly but over time it did. ;) They can even pick up at a young age. Sometimes we under estimate what they can do.
      agree!! And to be honest with you you are the first person I no other then myself that is for this.. YAy!! Everyone thinks I'm mean for making my kids pick up their toys, putting dirty dishes in the sink when done eating, put there garbage in the garbage, pick up their dirty cloths.. They say well why can't you do that.. They are just children. Let them be n do their own thing.. Omg!! I'm soooo happy I'm not the only one who is for this! Lol i decided to follow you just because of that. Makes me so excited.. :)
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