Words not to say to a divorced mom

A friend of mine just got divorced. She has 2 boys, age 10 and 6. She decided to share her life story with me and we talked about 2 hours, and during our conversation I am always asked myself:"What kind of words should I use in order to help her emotionally?"

I can imagine what living with the “D” word feels like. From my point of view, do not say things like" What happened?"-you already know, right?

Do not see your friend differently now-for example, she is a single mom now, she needs to find a man, I am a Christian person and she got divorced so I cannot be her friend anymore... This is our life, I know she tried her best to save her family...God knows her heart, and I have no right to judge.

Or such things as "Good for you; men are useless anyway!":)))), ""How are you going to take care of your family now?"

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      8Theresa Gould
      It's hard. I know when a person I knew talked about leaving her husband, I was speechless (I never saw it coming) and didn't know what to say. I just listened. It didn't happen and so far they are making it work.

      Listening is always important.
      8Theresa Gould
      In my friend's case though, she'd already made up her mind she was not calling me for advise but to inform me of her decision. If she had asked my opinion, I would have given it to her or asked her if she's sure or tell her that I respect her decision and will support her in what she feels she must do.
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