since Dec. 1 I have been working overnights to stock the shelves for Christmas shoppers. I work 40-42 hours a week. Izabelle has now began to cry if she does not see me for 6 hours or more at a time. she doesnt nap very often or very long during the day for me tto keep her with me qhile I am sleeping during the day for qork that night. She begins to cry and fuss and no one can get her to calm down. she only stops when i come up where she can touch me than she's fine. she was like this when we were still in the hospital after ii had her then it stopped for almost 5 months. Isn't there something i can do to get her to calm down without me having to be there? I cant just leave work to cal. her down at night...

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I am a 20 year old mom. Discovered I was twenty weeks five days pregnant on 02/14/13. In early May the pregnancy got complicated and I ended up in the hospital 5 times with preterm labor. Finally in mid June after only 3 hours I had a beautiful baby girl.