Does it come... natural?

As an expecting gal, and even before, I would always hear... about being a Mother.. that is just comes natural, use your intuition. I love hearing that, if gives me confidence, especially of doing things our own way.. I always say something different can work for anyone, meaning to each their own, no judging.

I would love to know if after having baby you thought (overall) a lot of it came naturally... this doesn't mean everything as perfect, but caring in general and having instincts of what to do came naturally?

Let me hear it ladies :)​

    Yes, I think it's coming naturally. I mean you may have no idea how to use a breast pump, or how to change a diaper, but you definitely feel that your baby is crying because of hunger or he feels uncomfortable or something just not going right with your baby.
    New interesting research fact: "During the pregnancy process, mom and baby are not just connected by an umbilical cord, but they literally become part of each other. Cells from baby (particularly stem cells, which are undifferentiated until they get a cue from the body to become a liver cell, a heart cell, etc.) pass through the placenta and take up residency within the mothers body."
    So we have not only emotional, but also physical connection with our babies for the rest of our life. Amazing, right?
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        8Theresa Gould
        I babysat lots and was not really nervous about the care of a baby, just the raising/training part (I want to grow respectful, good citizens, who doesn't, right?). But I'd have to say the mothering part came naturally, as long as I wasn't trying to mother like a book, which believe me I tried. I found that taking things I learned for books or people and implementing the new ideas into my husband's and my parenting styled worked better than trying to copy someone else's parenting style.
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